"I thought to myself, if I beat Vasco, it will be like a super rookie overthrowing a superstar. I told myself I had to destroy the stage.”

140311 This is Infinite Recording
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September 1st  love of my life

i know but idk

me when i know but idk  (via zimins)
September 1st  me
September 1st  
September 1st  
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September 1st  
140820 Haneda Airport Departure
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September 1st  
WINNER – 고백하는거야 (Confession) Acapella


WINNER - 고백하는거야 (Confession) Taehyun solo  Acapella version

September 1st  kitty eargasm


when you don’t do your homework and then your teacher says that she won’t be collecting it


September 1st  LMFAO IM CRYING

Dark vs Light

September 1st