do you ever think about what you have to do tomorrow and then you kinda just want to fall off the earth

September 16th  


hyeongseop: 😬☺️✌️🔥🎂💯 #짱짱맨 바비 
September 16th  

"A personality that makes you go… Hmm… It’s a personality that I have no answer for." — Jung Hoseok

September 16th  


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September 16th  kitty


Myungsoo explaining that idols experience mood swings, ups and downs, and hardships, just like anyone else

22ndJJONGDAY | 106/122
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September 16th  
September 15th  


140622 Incheon Airport
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September 15th  

jinhyeong and chanwoo fanboying over team b (•∀•) 

Infinite - MV Sets pt2 // pt1

September 15th