August 30th  
August 30th  taehyun...


WINNER - 걔 세(I’m him) MINO SOLO M/V

August 30th  

It’s HIM on the screen

August 30th  
August 30th  

140311 This is Infinite Recording
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August 30th  love of my life

"I came to Korea without knowing anything to chase my dreams. I separated from my mom and now I live by myself… If I win, this will be a shortcut to meeting my mom. Though my foremost goal is debuting, my greatest goal is bringing my mom and dad to Korea" - CYD [Chase Your Dream] Kim

August 30th  aw baby ;~~~;

Teacher Iris is jjang. She gives us so much love.

August 29th  so cute
140818 Kansai Airport © Merry Mint
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August 29th  

140829 Super Idol Chart Show Ep. 27 - Hoya’s phone call (cut) 
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August 29th  hoya is such an ass